Great Tool for Sending Notes to Yourself – JOTT

A couple of months back I recommended a great online service that allows you to call a toll free number to send a message to yourself or a contact. The service transcribes your message and sends the text and the sound file to your email or your contact’s email. You can read more about the service here – JOTT.

Beginning February 2nd, they are doing away with the free, basic version and going with annual plans. They’re still low cost and very much worth the price, but what I like is that they have a pay as you go plan. If you don’t use the service a lot, though once you start using it, you’ll use it more often, you can purchase a chunk of minutes and your usage will deduct from those minutes. This is very reasonable. Also, they don’t round up minutes. If your message is 23 seconds, they just deduct 23 seconds, not 25, not 30.

Still a great product for a very reasonable price.  You can get to the site here.


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