Great Tool for Sending Notes to Yourself

Here’s a tool I use when I’m out-and-about and need to remind myself of something or if I want to send a reminder to someone else. For example, someone tells me something and I have nothing to write on but I don’t want to forget what I was told. I’ll call an 866 number and call a service called Jott (

Jott makes sure you stay on top of everything. With a simple phone call to 866-JOTT-123, you can capture notes, set reminders and calendar appointments, depending on which plan you choose. There is a free version that works fine for most needs but the other options are pretty reasonable as well. You can read the differences here:

Simply call Jott and tell it where or to whom you want your message to go. Jott captures your voice, turns it into text, and sends it to the destination you chose. You’ll get a notice in your e-mail and can read the transcribed message or click on the attached sound file to hear the message that was left. You can log onto the Jott site and view all of the messages you’ve left for yourself.

I’ve setup a speed dial on my cell phone so it’s easy to call Jott whenever I hear or think of something I need to remember when I’m driving or nowhere near a pen or paper. Give it a try.


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  1. […] Great Tool for Sending Notes to Yourself – JOTT Posted on January 23, 2009 by wjimenez275 A couple of months back I recommended a great online service that allows you to call a toll free number to send a message to yourself or a contact. The service transcribes your message and sends the text and the sound file to your email or your contact’s email. You can read more about the service here – JOTT. […]

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