Reading The Most Recent Posts on Your Facebook News Feed

Maybe you haven’t thought about it when reading through the news feed on your Facebook page, but when you do, notice that you see most of the same posts time and time again.

The reason for this is that Facebook shows you the “Top Stories” which are the┬ámost popular stories from friends, Pages and groups at the top of your News Feed. Facebook wants to show you things it thinks you might be interested in seeing. Out of thousands of potential stories it could show you each day Facebook runs each story through an extensive check. Facebook then prioritizes stories it thinks you’ll like, comment on, share and actually read. It figures the more important the stories are to you the more you’ll come back.

Facebook also looks at who posted the story. Facebook figures the more you’ve interacted with the author in the past the more likely you’d like to see future posts from that person. You may have liked something someone had posted, or commented on it. If you’ve clicked on a post to read it or shared a post, Facebook takes that into consideration and then shows you more of that person’s post. That’s why you see more posts from people you’ve interacted with and fewer posts from those you haven’t.

BUT, what if you want to see the news feed by the most recent, so in chronological order, and not by the Top Stories?

On your phone or tablet,

  • click on the triple bars at the top of the feed.
  • From the menu that comes up, scroll down to Feeds. You’ll see a link to Most Recent.
  • Select Most Recent and your news feed will change and will start at the top with the most recent and as you scroll down you’ll see the posts in chronological order.

On your computer,

  • choose News Feed from the menu bar on the left side and
  • select Most Recent.

Keep in mind that Facebook’s default order is Top Stories so you’ll have to perform these steps each time you access Facebook. Try it though and see the difference.