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I have over 30 years of personal computer experience as an IT manager in a professional environment, the last 20+ of which have been in the Legal/Court Reporting industries. I know computers inside and out. I began selling and servicing personal computers when they first became available for home use (Does anyone remember the IBM PC Jr – the one IBM promoted with the Charlie Chaplin ads, or the Apple IIe/IIc?). I’ve managed a couple of computer stores and then moved into IT support and management at several companies. With my background, I can offer practical solutions and information on many topics as it pertains to your use of computers. This will include tips and recommendations on security, browsers, programs, hardware, etc. I’ll include links to some of my favorite sites and programs. I will help explain technology in a non-technological way. If you have anything in particular that you want covered, please let me know. You can visit my website at http://www.askbillfirst.com and fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page. You can also read my monthly newsletters from here as well. Thank you.


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  1. Hey Bill,

    Nice stuff! But it should be called, “Ask Mr. Bill.” ; ) Looks really great. Cute phote too!

    So.. what do you think about Vista’s built in search engine? I think it’s a pretty cool feature and you don’t have to download anything. Here’s a link for more info, in case you’d like to add a blurb about it.

    Great seeing you yesterday. Hope you found the classes helpful. Since this was our first Expo, feel free to share your honest critique with me.

    I’ll check in periodically to see what’s new on Ask Mr. Bill!

  2. This is a great site, Bill. It’s the Everything-You-Need-To-Know-But-Didn’t-Know-Whom-To-Ask place to go.

    For those who struggle to find answers on the internet, I suggest you make it easy on yourself and just Ask Bill First.

    I really like that Blogroll.

    I added your site to my Favorites . . . in Firefox, of course.


  3. Hello Bill,

    I am a regular visitor of your blog and have found your information to be very good and helpful…

    I currently maintain and up and coming blog, called “What’s On My PC…” at whatsonmypc.wordpress.com

    Due to our interests and blog content being similar in, would you be interested in a link exchange? I currently have your blog listed on my site; however, I will further hightlight it on the blogroll (or Launch Pad) as I call it.

    Great job your site!

    Rick at What’s On My PC…

  4. What website would that be?

  5. Hello,

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  6. Hi Bill,

    I’m the Technology editor at Before It’s News. Our site is a ‘people powered’ news platform with over 2,000,000 visits a month and growing fast.

    We would be honored if we could republish your blog RSS feed in our Technology category. Our readers need to read what your blog has to say.

    Syndicating to Before It’s News is a terrific way spread the word and grow your audience. Many other organizations are using Before It’s News to do just that. We can have your feed up and running in 24 hours. I just need you to reply with your permission to do so. Please include the full name and email of the person who will be assigned to the account, and let me know the name you want on the account (most people have their name or their blog name).

    You can also have any text and/or links you wish added to the end or to the beginning of each of your posts on Before It’s News. Just email me the text and links that you want at the beginning and/or ending of each post. If you know html you can send me that. If not, just send me the text and a link to your site. It should be around 200 characters or less (not including links).

    You can, if you like, create a custom feed for Before It’s News that includes multiple links back to your blog or web site. We only require that RSS feeds include full stories, not partial stories. We don’t censor or edit work.

    Thank you


    Jaya Gibson
    Editor, Before It’s News

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