Sending a SMS Text Message to a Cell Phone From Your Email

Every now and then, I’ll be on my computer and I’ll want to send a text message to a friend’s phone. I’ve realized that it’s much quicker for me to type the message in my email program and send it than to pick my phone up, enter the text and send.

If you know the carrier your friend or family member uses, it’s easy to enter their information in the To field of your email, type a subject and then the message. When you click send, it’s delivered to their phone. When they reply,  the reply is returned to your email.

The following is a list of carriers and the format you would use to send the message to someone.

Mobile Carrier – Maximum Characters – Email Address
Virgin Mobile – 125 characters –
Beyond GSM – 160 characters –
Cingular AT&T – 160 characters –
Verizon – 160 characters –
Boost Mobile – 140 characters –
Nextel – 140 characters –
Sprint – 160 characters –
T-Mobile – 140 characters –
Alltel – 140 characters –
Qwest – 185 characters –
MetroPCS – 185 characters –
Cricket – 143 characters –


6 Responses

  1. Bill,

    Great job on this… I recently was looking for an option like this with my service…



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  3. I appreciate you taking the time to list these resources. I don’t see very well and using the computer is a much more efficient way for me to send text messages. Now it takes me 30 seconds instead of 3 minutes to compose and send a grocery list to my husband. 🙂

  4. What a great resource! Thank you!

  5. Does it work in India ?

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