Printing Long Documents so they come out in the right order

I just installed a new printer and printed a multi-page document. Most inkjet printers will stack the printed pages face up. Laserjets usually come out face down so they stack properly. Well, my printer, being an inkjet,  printed from the first page to the last, which was nice, but what wasn’t so nice is that I then had to go through and reverse the order of the pages since the first page was at the bottom of the stack with the last page on top.

In order to not have that happen every time I print, I went into my printer settings and was able to change a setting so that printing will occur in reverse order, meaning that the last page prints first on up to the first page printing last but at the top of the stack.

In Windows, you can do this by clicking on the Start button, double clicking on Control Panel, and double clicking on Printers and Faxes.  Right click on the the printer you want to modify and left click on Properties. Under the General tab, click on Printing Preferences. Every printer will it’s own unique settings, but try to find an option for Page Layout, Page Order,  or something similar. If you can’t find that, look through the different tabs until you find an option for copies or document options. Usually, you’ll find a check box there for Reverse Order. Check it and save your settings. From then on, everything you print will come out stacked correctly.


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