But it fit…

The other day I was speaking with someone who had tried to charge the battery on one of his devices. Everytime he plugged in the charger, the device would shut down and he couldn’t figure out why.

In asking several questions, we finally came to the key. The charger he was using wasn’t made for the device he was plugging it into. It was made for his phone. The next comment was “but it fit.” Well, that’s fine but it wasn’t made for it.

Every device you have has a unique charger. Yes, some will work with other devices, and yes, there are common connections so it’s easy to get confused, but there is a reason you must use the charger that came with that device to charge it.  Every device, cell phone, mp3 player, GPS, etc. requires its own unique power level to charge the battery. The charger that comes with it is programmed to send the right amount of power. If you use a different charger, it may send too much power or not enough power, which will play havoc with the battery, possibly even burning it out.

Universal chargers are designed with adjustable power so they’ll work fine with just about everything. If an aftermarket charger is purchased, it should be for the actual device, but there are some that will work. My Motorola phone charger will charge my Blackberry but my Blackberry charger won’t charge the Motorola.

If you have several chargers that will fit many of your electronic devices, label them so that you don’t mix them up. Your batteries will last longer, as will your devices.


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