Making a Web Page Link Do What You Want It To Do

Most people happily go about their web page surfing, left clicking on links as they go, just accepting that the link will either open in a new window, a new tab, or replace the page they are currently on, but never knowing what it will do until it’s clicked. If the last one occurs, and you weren’t ready to leave that page, you’re stuck hitting the back button to return to the page you were on but then you lose the page you linked to. A vicious cycle occurs.

Did you know that if you right click on the link, instead of left clicking, you can choose to open it in a new tab or new window yourself? That comes in real handy if you are doing research and want to keep different pages/tabs open.

Additionally, depending on which browser you are using, you will find other options under the right click menu. For example, you can copy the link, bookmark it, save it, WOT it, email it, etc.


2 Responses

  1. Nice tip.
    Right click often does wonders to save you precious little time. Such small little savings means a lot when get accumulated.

  2. Cool tip!
    Some links do not open in a new window, when the new window is closed the entire webpage closes. The viewer must reopen the webpage everytime a link is closed. When right click is used the viewer can optionally select a new tab or window. 🙂

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