Filtering Incoming EMails

Have you ever waited for an email from someone and it got lost in all of the other email in your inbox, or worse yet, while cleaning out your inbox, you accidentally deleted an email that you had wanted to save?

Of course, you can create folders in your email program and drag the emails you want to save to the folders to keep them, but what if you could setup your email program  so that when mail comes in from certain individuals, or mail comes in with a certain subject, it automatically gets filtered to an email folder and stays out of your inbox. I have a filter for some mail from marketers that I automatically send to my deleted items folder so I never have to look at it. Others, from family members, that automatically go to a “Family” folder. Some friends have their own folders where their email gets delivered to. Some folders receive newsletters that I’ve signed up for.

Every popular email program allows filtering of some sort. You can setup filters for almost anything you receive. Not only does it keep your inbox clean, it sorts and separates your email so it’s easier to find.

I’ve included a link to a pdf file that lists the email programs Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, Outlook Express and Outlook, and described how to set up the filters. You can find it here. If you are using an email program that is not listed, please let me know and I’ll find out for you how to do it.


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