Internet Explorer compatibility in Firefox or Chrome

If you use Firefox or Chrome as your primary browser, you may have run into an internet page that works best under Internet Explorer, or actually requires Internet Explorer. I ran into this the other day when I was helping someone with a problem they were having in Yahoo Mail, in which the right-click copy/paste function wouldn’t work in Firefox but worked fine in IE. In researching it, I found that this problem has existed for quite a while. A day or so later, I was logging onto a site and it wouldn’t load, only to find out that Firefox wasn’t a supported browser.

The answer to these problems is a Firefox plug-in that you can find here ( It allows you to right-click a tab and render it as an IE tab. You can designate certain sites to open under the IE tab whenever you need to open them. Most importantly, it allows me to stay in Firefox for all of my other browsing. Really comes in handy.

In Chrome, this extension works wonderfully – (ignore the link to Firefox on this page). With this tool, you right-click on the page to have it rendered in Internet Explorer. Under IE Tab Options, you can set which version of IE you want to emulate, from versions 7 to 9.


3 Responses

  1. This is super helpful because I’ve been having this same problem. Thank you!!

  2. Your article regarding the IE compatibility in Firefox just resolved a huge problem I’ve been having. Not only was I also experiencing the problem of not being able to click on some links, but I wrote a program in Javascript I was going to place on my website that worked under IE but not Firefox. After reading your article, I downloaded the add-on to Firefox and it runs my Javascript.

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. This simple solution works perfectly . . . thanks, Bill.

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