Google’s New Browser

Well, from one of the most popular, well okay, the most popular search engines, we now have a browser to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox. What’s different about Google Chrome (that’s what it’s named)? First, there are “Links to websites you visit the most – Chances are you visit some websites on a regular basis. The New Tab page provides image thumbnails and links for those websites automatically.

Right-click a website to access options to open it in another new tab, in a new window, or in incognito mode. Click the Show full history link at the bottom of the page to see your entire browsing history in Google Chrome.” (Google site)

Second, there is a list of search engines that you use often – “Google Chrome saves a list of search engines that you’ve encountered while browsing the Internet. Search boxes for the ones you frequently use automatically appear on the page for easy access. You can search their websites directly from this page.” (Google Site)

You also have a link to Recently closed tabs – “Links to tabs that you’ve just closed are stored in case you accidentally close something. Up to three links are displayed.” (Google Site)

The address bar acts as both the address bar for websites and the search bar for google. You’ll see recommended sites as you type in the bar.

It’s still in Beta mode, which means that there will be some minor issues with it but I’ve been playing with it a bit since earlier this evening, and it’s plain, simple, and seems pretty friendly. I’ll let you know more about it as I use it more.


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