Verizon adds ‘friends’ plan for unlimited calls to 5 people – Alt+Save with the Gadgetress –

Jealous of T-Mobile’s Fave 5? Now, Verizon Wireless has its own version of the favorite-friends calling plan, called Friends & Family, an uninspired moniker that the company has trademarked.  Verizon users can pick any five numbers — including non-Verizon friends and landlines — and call those same 5 numbers anytime without using up monthly minutes. Family plans get 10 numbers.

To qualify, customers need either an individual Verizon plan with at least 900 minutes or be on a family plan with at least 1,400 minutes. Users can add the plan for free at any time and the numbers can be changed at any time without penalty. New numbers will go into effect the next day.

The phone numbers must be regular 10-digit U.S. numbers and can’t be directory assistance, 900 numbers or customer’s own wireless or voice mail access number.

The Friends & Family plan, which is available beginning this Sunday, is definitely not as catchy as T-Mobile’s ‘Fave 5′ name, which has inspired some entertaining commercials. But Verizon’s is more flexible. T-Mobile’s Fave 5 lets you change each of your “friends” just once per month.

Hmm … is Verizon becoming a me-too company? Today’s friend plan comes a day after Verizon began offering unlimited plans for its prepaid users, a feature smaller players like Boost Mobile and Cricket Communications already offer. What’s next? Verizon rollover minutes? Let’s hope!

To add numbers to the Friends & Family list, visit My Verizon to set up your Friends & Family numbers, and change them online whenever you want. If you are not already registered you will need your cell phone number, your cell phone and your billing system password, if you have one.

On the My Services Tab in My Verizon, Account Owners can activate the Friends & Family service, and add and remove numbers from the Friends & Family list.  Account Members may view the list, but may not edit the list.

You can find more information on Verizon’s FAQ page.


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  1. so it says unlimited call right?, but i’m just worry that if i call my friends whos in fav5 about more than 2000mins, do i have to pay more or its just same as unlimited txt?

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